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ABCD was established to act as an effective catalyst in regional economic development by assisting young entrepreneurs to take the first steps towards creating the economic future they wish to live in. ABCD was formed by several professionals with over a decade of experience in facilitating entrepreneurial start-ups in Jordan. Many of these start-ups have now become national icons representing the successful commercial utilization of entrepreneurial energy and innovative ideas.

By utilizing the wide range of services offered by ABCD, entrepreneurs and early stage SMEs can avoid many of the risks associated with start-up and early stage companies. Access to these services greatly enhances the likelihood of success, by drawing on ABCD cumulative business experience derived from hands on experience with young business people, innovative start-ups and early stage companies.


The principals of ABCD bring with them 15 years of practical, hands-on experience dealing with the establishment of start-up companies as well as guiding high growth companies through the difficulties of early stage development and company growth. This experience is detailed in the services section and can be summarized as follows.

  • 15 years in seed capital VC in Jordan
  • 15 years business development experience for SMEs and start ups
  • 15 years experience in developing management systems for proper governance
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