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ABCD and/or its principles are actively involved in Jordanian and Arab society through a variety of projects, programs and associations. ABCD invests in these activities in the belief that cooperative social work on the local, regional and international level are necessary to understand the economic and developmental challenges being faced as well as the solutions being promoted. Through such participation, ABCD hopes to assist in the creation of a more prosperous environment and future in which to live.

  • Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA): ABCD is actively involved with the YEA in promoting the necessity for a more entrepreneurial mindset in the Middle East. ABCD mentors several entrepreneurs at any one time.
  • Jordan Vision 2020 (JV 2020): ABCD is an active participant in the JV 2020 process. The JV 2020 is a private sector lead economic strategic planning process for Jordan developed through the cooperation of over 35 business associations and other private sector entities.
  • ABCD is involved with the Arab Thought Forum in addressing a variety of developmental (social and economic) challenges.
  • ABCD has been involved with several institutions of higher education, namely the University of Philadelphia and the Yarmouk University (Hijjawi Technical College), in addressing the role of education in creating and sustaining a competitive Jordanian economy.
  • Club of Rome: ABCD has been involved with this international organization to discuss and evaluate the relationship of economic and social development and peace.


  • International Donors: ABCD works with a variety of international donor agencies in Jordan, such as the European Union Funded EJADA and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded AMIR II program. ABCD’s involvement with donor agencies usually revolves around Jordan’s developmental requirements, particularly entrepreneurship, but also includes the role of civil society and more recently democratization.
  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM): Principles of ABCD have worked with the YEA on putting Jordan as a target country of GEM and making entrepreneurship a national economic priority with the Government of Jordan (GoJ).
  • Mediterranean Development Forum (MDF): Principles of ABCD have been involved in representing Jordan in the MDF, through presenting papers and participating in panels discussing the role of entrepreneurship and education as engines of national economic development and growth.


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