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ABCD has worked with many clients is operating in a variety of fields. Below is a list and brief description of a select interesting few:

  • National Fund for Enterprise Support (NAFES): NAFES is a Jordanian institution established to assist Jordanian entrepreneurs and SMEs to establish and/or enhance their businesses. NAFES was established with a grant from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the sole purpose of supporting Jordanian entrepreneurs and SMEs develop their businesses. ABCD is an authorized service NAFES service provider, providing assistance in business plan development and planning.
  • EPS: ABCD has mentored a local entrepreneur working on the development an Internet based portal for the marketing, sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Jordan and the region. ABCD worked with the entrepreneur on developing a comprehensive business plan.
  • Applied Solutions and Knowledge Management Experts (ASKME): ABCD worked on developing two business plans for ASKME. Both business plans are unique to Jordan and are related to two diverse fields: a) motion picture services (special effects, stunts and theatrical make up) and b) development of a commercial knowledge base for the purpose of identifying and facilitating business opportunities between ASKME clients.
  • MENA IT: ABCD is currently mentoring two young entrepreneurs who are developing a home grown business automation platform. ABCD has assisted in developing sales opportunities as well as product development, networking and business planning.

  • Mobile Information Technologies (MIT): ABCD is mentoring an entrepreneur who has developed proprietary software for the exploitation of GSM mobile handsets for a variety of value added services such as GSM based games, location based services, and asset/personnel tracking. ABCD has also developed sales leads for MIT’s software.
  • SPOTALENT: ABCD is currently mentoring a Jordanian entrepreneur who has established a talent agency and event organization company to identify, hone and promote Jordanian and Arab musicians in the Arab world and internationally. ABCD is currently developing a business plan for SPOTALENT.


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