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Thinking tools and methods of the past do not guarantee a useful understanding of the future or success in dealing with its challenges...

Traditional thinking is based on argument and analysis. This type of thinking is derived from the philosophy and work of three Greek thinkers - Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. These individuals lived over 2000 years ago, and the traditional thinking based on their ideas has not changed for centuries. While these tools remain extremely powerful, they were developed to deal with a relatively stable and unchanging world. Thus, they are no longer sufficient to deal with today’s rapidly changing world, where new concepts and ideas are fundamental to maintaining sustainable competitiveness and effectively dealing with today’s complex and dynamic challenges.

Traditional thinking methods (argument and analysis) are reactionary in nature. Traditionally, time and effort is spent arguing about and around existing alternatives. Argument is useless in the design process. Traditional thinking methods are not constructive. They do not harness creative and design energies. In our current environment there is a huge need to design new possibilities and solutions.


MINDSTORM offers training, tools, techniques and facilitation to allow individuals and organizations to:

  1. Enhance problem solving skills.
  2. Design organizational strategies beyond cost cutting and downsizing
  3. Redefine a business.
  4. Create value for customers and clients.
  5. Develop new or enhance existing products, services and delivery/distribution methods.
  6. Design a more innovative organization. Organizations which cannot innovative will perish.
  7. Utilize the minds of employees, an institution’s most powerful asset.




  • Mind Mapping (Buzan)
  • Creative Thinking
  • Understanding Innovation
  • Neurolinguistic Programming-NLP


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